pyamgx - GPU accelerated multigrid library for Python

pyamgx is a Python interface to the NVIDIA AMGX library. pyamgx can be used to construct complex solvers and preconditioners to solve sparse sparse linear systems on the GPU.


  • Provides a Pythonic interface to all AMGX C-API functions for solving linear systems on a single GPU
  • Allows directly uploading matrix and vector data from SciPy sparse CSR matrices, NumPy arrays and Numba DeviceArrays, among others
  • Solver settings can be provided in JSON files or as dict objects
  • Error checking and handling: AMGX errors are automatically converted into Python exceptions



This guide provides an overview of the pyamgx library, its classes and functions. It does not contain information about AMGX algorithms (solvers and preconditioners), and their configuration. For that, please refer to the AMGX Reference Manual

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